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New Premium Services

We are the API group trade associations. We Collaborate and share our exclusive listing properties. We work under the same Ethical Code, have the same work procedures and give a better advice to the client, always looking gor his satisfaction.
Advantages for the seller:
When you sell your property through an APIALIA  real estate agency, you will be simultaneously selling through all the real estate agencies in teh Association.
You will not have to visit many real estate agencies: visiting one, you vist them all.
More real estate agents offering your property.
Real estate agents educated in Real Estate Marketing (CRS).
More potential buyers for your property.
More potential buyers for your property.
We ensure that your property will have the same price in all real estate agencies.
Faster selling period.
Service commitment.
Advantages for the buyer:
The bauyer will have access to a wide offer of properties on a faster, easier and comfortable way, Visiting only on real estate agency the opportunieties to find the property you are looking for will be greatly increased.
Marked adjusted prices
More property offers.
More real estate agents ata your disposal.
Maximum legal certainty for the buyer.

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